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EBHL Hall of Fame!!......except for shifty, he just looks goofy.

Pics of members of the EBHL besides those on the home page, as well as our old ghetto ass nets.

Matt making sure the grass grows

Ashland is poor, deal with it!! I've had to...

Oooo how scary, but a true goalie just goes on smiling in the face of adversity

What an impressive showing, he cleared the top of the goal. And yes they are regulation size.

Shifty is that you man? Sexy!!

no officer, i didn't know this was illegal - we're too poor to know things like that

you never saw this.

all this landscape stuff is just default if you have pics of the league send em to neil or matt to get to me

Matt wins a shirt!

we at the EBHL promote local artists

Nobody fucks with Unicron

pomory and the pole are friends

Shifty teaching us how to be proper ladies

thank you dina

an inspiration to us all


are those tears of pain or joy?

hockey is divine


EBHL Tournament 2005 Champions (plus neil)










Photos of the Players, Equipment, and Field by Brian